About RV Friendly Towns Australia

About RV Friendly Towns Australia

We are Australians who love to travel around Australia and explore this great country in our fully self-contained motorhome. We love to stay in low-cost, recreational vehicle friendly towns, caravan, tourist and cabin parks with fellow travellers. One of the reasons we are drawn to staying in RV Friendly towns is being able to explore the town at our leisure, where our accommodation costs are lower and where we can spend money buying local produce, goods and services. We enjoy visiting as many local attractions as we possibly can, and also eating in local cafes, eateries and restaurants. 

We are NOT Affiliated with any organisation, tourism body or business – we are independent travellers who love to create free resources for fellow travellers.

Use our website to discover an increasing number of communities that are welcoming recreational vehicles (RVs) to their town. 

We kindly acknowledge the The RV Friendly Town program as an initiative of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) that is designed to support regional and rural communities as RV travellers explore this great country of Australia.